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Explore & find what the central coast can surprise & inspire you with.
Soak in Eucott Hot Springs.
Spend the day at Green Bay Estuary beach. (pictured left)
Hike glacier-capped alpine trails, stroll through old growth forests.
Visit spawning rivers & estuaries.
Learn about the brilliantly rich, cultural history of Nuxalk & why their art is displayed in the best museums in the world.

Explore Alpine Trails & Lakes

"We traveled all over the world & consider this trip among the very best!

We'll never forget our Bella Coola vacation or the Float House Inn!" Ximena de la Macorra

The Bella Coola Valley boasts many incredible hiking trails, but the alpine trails are simply other-worldly.

ALPINE HIKING - Climb a glacial waterfall or wander the flower strewn alpine meadows of the coast mountain range. The M-Gurr Lake Trail is easily accessible & offers some of the finest alpine scenery in the world. The Jay Lakes are a little further up the mountain road where you can cool down with a very scenic swim. Afterwards enjoy a hot shower, a good meal and a relaxing evening aboard The Float House Inn.  Guided Tours Available / 4X4 Required.

Learn How We Set Crab Traps


Nothing is as satisfying as hauling in a full catch & creating a delicious meal minutes later.

We’ll set you up with everything you need to enjoy a wonderful crab meal. Enjoy one of the area’s incredible gifts.

MARINE TOURS -  Sailing the Great Bear Rainforest. Experience the Remote Wildness of the Great Bear Rainforest from our Spacious Pilothouse Sailboat. Watch for Bears, Dolphins, Whales, Eagles & More! Enjoy Peaceful Anchorages in Spectacular Settings. Day Sails & Overnight Trips Available.


Take a Bear Viewing Tour


BEAR VIEWING - Let Great Bear Adventures’ accredited guide take you on an interpretive adventure, hiking along the ancient trails of this grizzly kingdom.

This is the ultimate bear-watching experience for “Bear lovers”, families, photographers & naturalists.

For Bear Viewing Tours Contact
Great Bear Adventures

Kayak the Estuary

PADDLING - This expansive marsh is a haven for marine life and is ringed by towering snow-capped mountains. At high tide, many channels and small streams cut deep into the rainforest – just beckoning to be explored.

Kayaking the estuary allows you to experience the west coast wilderness up close & personal. Paddling here a unique & enjoyable experience.
Guided Kayak Tours / Kayak Lessons / Kayak BC’s Central Coast

Experience Nuxalk Culture

NUXALK CULTURE - World renown for their stylistic art, the masks, paddles, plaques, spoons & jewelry created by Nuxalk artists are more than just beautiful, they contain a ceremonial & cultural significance that has been passed down for hundreds of years of living in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Sign up for a Totem Tour & learn the meaning behind these incredible monuments. Experience the Petroglyph site, an ancient place of power and mystery where rock carvings were made thousands of years ago. It’s a spiritual place which is best experienced with Nuxalk guides, who will often relate legends of this sacred site.

Visit the gallery while you're in downtown Bella Coola. They're also on the web at: Copper Sun Gallery.


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